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Go On the Road & Off the Grid with artist and adventurer Richard Sudden

Whitespace is pleased to announce and support On the Road / Off the Grid, a new project documenting the adventures of gallery artist and filmmaker Richard Sudden. Directed by Jason Vise and produced by Thirst Media, the documentary program series combines global travel, sustainable design and the development of an “off-the-grid” living project.

To view the video, please visit  On the Road / Off the Grid.


AUGUST 19 – 29, 2009
opening WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19 | 7 – 10 PM

Whitespace is pleased to present, SUMMER FALLS, a two week only intermission in between regularly scheduled exhibitions featuring new work as well as collaborative multi-media works by John Otte, including artists: Fereydoon Family, Richard Sudden, Karen Tauches, and Mark Wentzel.

John Otte
, is well known in Atlanta as an artist, DJ, and curator. His multi-disciplinary work is primarily abstract, containing numerous references to the body, music, architecture, and landscape.

SUMMER FALLS is set to take place in just a couple of weeks when Summer slowly begins the process of giving way to Fall. In this temporary “hit & run” installation, John Otte seeks to meditate on the ongoing collapse and erosion of many previously considered “stable” systems, both locally and globally, thus making way for other arrangements and different forms. In an ongoing exploration of creative destruction, Otte employs photography, text, collage, sculpture, and film sources creating porous abstractions where systems collide, contaminate, and overlap one another, forming strange new hybrids and mutations – an uncertain world where fact and fiction are inextricably bound, “beautiful things grow out of shit . . . things evolve out of nothing,” and “everything disappears.”

* Selected films for screening will be announced shortly. Check back with us soon!

For the Waters of Lethe

For the Waters of Lethe
a multi-media installation by Richard Sudden
May 16- June 21, 2008

Using mythological references of Lethe (pronounced Lee-Thee), one of the five rivers of the Greek Underworld, he navigates through the questions of Memory, Identity, Death, and Oblivion.

“Souls of the dead would wander its banks and drink from its waters to forget past lives, mandatory, before being reincarnated. To navigate these Waters of Oblivion, Richard Sudden has built eight, 14′ English kayak frames that he uses, in various manifestations, as metaphorical bodies, vessels, and transports for this ultimate journey. Identity, myth, and the artifacts of memory and oblivion are the themes of this multimedia exhibition.”

This unique exhibition is spread out into three parts- Let us give you a glimpse of each.

*The first is the main Whitespace gallery:

Each kayak, or vessel, draws on the four stages of life, and the vertical orientation implements the representation of the vessel as a body.

In Greek mythology, bees are the messengers between the Underworld and the Mortal world.

The vine wreath embraces the circle of life and celebrates nature and simplicity. Richard references the imperfection of human creation with the off-centered plumb bob, but also the drive for ideals, and the inevitable imperfection and its beauty.

These paintings have the most interesting inclination of time.

The Film,
“For the Waters of Lethe,” in the carriage house:
In collaboration with: Jason Vise | Filmmaker

The film is shown throughout gallery hours.

*The second is in the White Spec:

Whitespec accommodates Sudden’s works on paper. It is encaustic on braille. There is a certain reverence of the subject from the patient process of painting and mark making.

*Lastly, the shed:

You would go through these doors, and then step a little to the right to find the shed. We’ll save these pictures for later. Come by Whitespace and experience it for yourselves.