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Abstraction Today

The exhibition, Abstraction Today, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA) opened Friday night at 6:30 p.m. The most prestigious and prominent art galleries in Atlanta compiled the artists’ works and the opening was filled with guests, a bar and merriment. Whitespace had the honor of participating in this collaboration with Alan Avery Art Company, Marcia Wood Gallery, Mason Fine Art, Sandler Hudson Gallery and {Poem 88}. With pieces from Pete Schulte, Ann Stewart, Bojana Ginn, Eric Mack and Seana Reilly, whitespace’s artists augmented the exhibition incredibly from wall paintings to 3D printed objects to sculpture. In conjunction with other artistic selections, the show was a congruent and diverse examination of what abstract art is in today’s contemporary world.

Though each artist presented their own negotiations of what it means to be abstract, the entire collection of art offered an exceptionally harmonious exhibition. whitespace artists in particular not only showed work that charged the white walls of MOCA GA, but also formed a coherent representation of the free-expression, intimacy, dialogue, and immersive environment whitespace strives to represent. The looming grace of Schulte’s wall painting alone overwhelmed the northern wall of one room, but reflected against the colorful and overwhelming wall work of Hense, added great contrast to envelop the night’s crowd.

IMG_8082Dark Day (Revelator Pt. 2), Pete Schulte, 2016

In a smaller room to the side, an installed projector and sculpture made of straws, paint and cotton by Ginn mirrored the pixelated, almost urban abstract landscape of Mack’s multi-medium work. Beautifully and breathtaking, Stewart’s 3D printed objects cast long and opaque shadows against the white walls of the space as one of the first works in view of the entrance of the exhibition. Across from Stewart, Susannah Starr’s large floral and vibrant neon cut-outs refracted the light via their own technique, presenting a delightful juxtaposition of shadow play for Stewart’s objects. And Reilly’s floor to ceiling canvases overwhelmed what was left of the room with their ombre and bleak exploration of gradient and texture.

Diamagnetic Liaison, Ann Stewart, 2016

What was best about Abstraction Today was the physical manifestation of the diversity and talent that can be found in Atlanta. Each artist’s work illuminated an aspect of its neighboring pieces and vice versa. The space was filled with detailed conversation, immense artistic exploration and wonder. The exhibition’s navigation of what it means to be abstract is a testament to the greatness of today’s contemporary art, not only in the world, but right here in Atlanta. From modern advances in technology, projection and 3D printing, to wall-painting, traditional sculpture and manipulation of found objects, the exhibition is a beautiful tapestry woven by the many threads of experimentation, risk, exploration and abstraction today.

Written by: Hilleary Gramling

"Metronome" by Michele Schuff at whitespace

Michele Schuff, “Don’t Go,” Encaustic on panel, 48 x 60 x 4.5″

In Michele Schuff’s exhibition, Metronome, she explores the perception of time and how we measure life’s passing.  How long do I have to live?  How has my timing influenced every turn of my life?  Will I be able to do what I need to before I die? 

Michele uses the metronome, a tool traditionally used to set a fixed tempo while practicing music, as a metaphor for keeping time as well as a meditative device; with it one can set a beat or pulse that can become increasingly abstract and therefore has the potential to exist outside of our perception of linear time.  This body of work examines the space that is created when one is fully focused on any creative endeavor: where does that state of mind exist? Time can be momentarily suspended in the gap between the beats; collectively these beats and gaps make up a body of work, a life, a collection of lives. 

Metronome features a series of encaustic paintings on wood panel created by layer over layer of repetitive brush strokes fused together with heat. The repeated painted lines/phrases/objects are meant to create a textured ‘beat’ and somehow through their pattern and regularity, generate an abstract field of color and sound.

Michele Schuff received her BFA from Wayne State University in Detroit and her MFA from Georgia State University. She is a former Fellow of the Hambidge Center of Creative Arts and Sciences, and the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. Schuff’s work explores themes of light through encaustic painting and three-dimensional cast forms. 

Exhibition dates:            June 10 – July 23, 2011   

Opening reception:        Friday, June 10 | 7-10 pm

Gallery hours:               Wednesday – Saturday | 11 am – 5 pm or by appointment
Location:                       814 Edgewood Avenue | Inman Park

Media Contact:             Susan Bridges
                                     p 404.688.1892
                                     c 404.849.8176

Three Sisters: Opening Reception 2.26.2010

3 sisters. 3 artists. 3 diverse works on paper
ZHANG: Ling. Bo. Hong
February 26 – April 3, 2010
Thank you all to those who joined us for the opening of our new exhibition by Ling, Bo and Hong Zhang. It was wonderful to have all three sisters in Atlanta. Our special appreciation goes to Cathy Yi He for her exquisite performance of the Guzheng!

TANGENT: Opening reception 1.15

Thank you everyone for coming out and gracing the gallery (and the courtyard) with your presence! We could not believe how packed the space was, and appreciate everyone’s participation in the exhibition. For those who missed the chance to attend the opening, we will be showing until February 20th. We look forward to seeing you here!

Artist Tommy Taylor

Mario in his performance with variations of drums-
It was fantastic! Thanks Mario!


AUGUST 19 – 29, 2009
opening WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19 | 7 – 10 PM

Whitespace is pleased to present, SUMMER FALLS, a two week only intermission in between regularly scheduled exhibitions featuring new work as well as collaborative multi-media works by John Otte, including artists: Fereydoon Family, Richard Sudden, Karen Tauches, and Mark Wentzel.

John Otte
, is well known in Atlanta as an artist, DJ, and curator. His multi-disciplinary work is primarily abstract, containing numerous references to the body, music, architecture, and landscape.

SUMMER FALLS is set to take place in just a couple of weeks when Summer slowly begins the process of giving way to Fall. In this temporary “hit & run” installation, John Otte seeks to meditate on the ongoing collapse and erosion of many previously considered “stable” systems, both locally and globally, thus making way for other arrangements and different forms. In an ongoing exploration of creative destruction, Otte employs photography, text, collage, sculpture, and film sources creating porous abstractions where systems collide, contaminate, and overlap one another, forming strange new hybrids and mutations – an uncertain world where fact and fiction are inextricably bound, “beautiful things grow out of shit . . . things evolve out of nothing,” and “everything disappears.”

* Selected films for screening will be announced shortly. Check back with us soon!

Yukari Umekawa’s Opening

Thank you all for coming to Yukari’s opening of itodenwa (2 cans + 1 string)! It was a beautiful crowd of locals, friends, and family. Congratulations to Yukari on her BFA show, and we are excited to show the work at Whitespec. Come check it out before the exhibition closes on July 11th!

Artist Yukari Umekawa and family

Yukari Umekawa’s Opening

Thank you all for coming to Yukari’s opening of itodenwa (2 cans + 1 string)! It was a beautiful crowd of locals, friends, and family. Congratulations to Yukari on her BFA show, and we are excited to show the work at Whitespec. Come check it out before the exhibition closes on July 11th!

Artist Yukari Umekawa and family