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Snap Shots From Tommy Taylor’s Opening

Tommy Taylor and Radcliffe Bailey during “Some Sort of Solitude” at whitespace.

We had a great time at the opening of “Some Sort of Solitude” by Tommy Taylor.  There was a good turnout despite the cold weather, and everyone enjoyed seeing Taylor’s new paintings. We even had a special appearance from Radcliffe Bailey! Don’t worry if you could not make Continue reading

Meg Aubrey, Matt Haffner, and Suellen Parker at Terminus 200

“Duets,” curated by Anne Lambert Tracht for the Gallery Walk at Terminus, is now open.  The show looks at the way artists portray different relationships between two people and the stories that in turn play out before the viewer.  Make sure you Continue reading

"Some Sort of Solitude," new paintings by Tommy Taylor, opens Friday, February 24 | 7 – 10 PM

Tommy Taylor, Lost and Found, Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 32 inches
February 24 – March 31, 2012
Opening reception: Friday, February 24 | 7 PM – 10 PM 


Some Sort of Solitude, Tommy Taylor’s second solo show at whitespace gallery, demonstrates a new direction in Taylor’s work. Over the past twelve years, his paintings have been mainly abstract pieces with amoebic-like forms created from intuitive, as opposed to planned, brushstrokes. His work continues evolving, but even though it introduces figures and pop references, it still contains those amorphous, abstract elements of his previous work.
His reflection on the conflicting desires, drives, meanings, and logic that confounded him as a child showed Taylor that, while he can grasp the many layers on which that conflict plays out better, it is still just as characteristic of his adult experience as it was of his childhood. He gives expression to this by placing visual elements that are hard to understand in intentionally chaotic and confusing ways that exclude the traditional visual cues of painting, like his previous abstract work. As a result, he is thwarting any possibility of arriving at a coherent, consistent visual reading of the painting. Produced and displayed in this way, the elements compete with each other, just like the drives, histories, expectations, and accepted social norms of our daily lives.  

TONIGHT: "December Show 2011"

survey of works from whitespace artists

for-ever-green eco-friendly tree and wreath lot

Happy Holidays from all of us at whitespace gallery!
Featuring “Light Symphony” For-Ever-Green tree by Jose Dario Gallo
December 10 – December 31, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 10 | 7 PM – 10 PM


Join us tonight for The December Show, whitespace gallery’s final show of 2011!  It is a survey of works shown over the course of the year and additional pieces by select gallery artists.  Featured artists include Meg Aubrey, Laura Bell, Craig Dongoski, Sarah Emerson, Jody Fausett, Matt Haffner, Wendy Given, Ann-Marie Manker, David Mitchell, Adrienne Outlaw, Suellen Parker, An Pham, Seana Reilly, Michele Schuff, Whitney Stansell, Ann Stewart, and Tommy Taylor.

The For-Ever-Green Eco-Friendly Tree Lot features sustainable, reusable trees and wreaths, each created by artists re-interpreting the traditional Christmas tree and wreath.  They are displayed in the whitespace courtyard, and they are available as part of a cash-and-carry outdoor lot for visitors to take home and use in place of a traditional tree or wreath!  

The team behind gray_matter(s) will also participate by developing a site-specific installation in whitespec that coincides with the outdoor lot and includes a series of experiments in turning a whitespec gray.  The transformations embrace an inclusive and plastic understanding of perception. Through processes of analogy, layering, and gradation, different media are brought into dialogue, the space becomes a hidden dimension of variation.  Difference becomes a relative term, understood through observed realities rather than representations or ideals. In a field of endless subtlety, we find ourselves lost in our own perceptions.  

In addition to the gallery shows and For-Ever-Green lot, the opening reception features delicious treats from the Good Food Truck and general mischief from Bad Santa and his elves!

whitespace | 814 Edgewood Ave | Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404.688.1892

"Metronome" | Not Your Ordinary Opening

Perhaps it was the conversation about time’s existential implications or about our city’s burgeoning food truck culture or about what in the world was dotting the floor of the gallery, the opening reception of Metronome at whitespace gallery was certainly abuzz with excitement.  Featuring artist Michele Schuff’s series of encaustic paintings (please see previous entry for more detail), guests were introduced to her most recent works using three-dimensional cast forms.  Schuff captures the invisible process of time through the use of repetitive heat-fused brush strokes and forms, suggesting the metronome as a metaphor for the meditative beat of life’s fleeting moments.  

Artist Michele Schuff in front of her piece Big Blue.

A visitor studies Michele Schuff’s encaustic works.
In support, alliance, and promotion of Atlanta’s food truck community, whitespace’s reception for Metronome also welcomed King of Pops, Rattletrap Coffee Truck, and Sugar Coated Radical (SCR).  King of Pops came through to cool us down with his specialty pops while Rattletrap kicked it up a notch with some icey caffeinated goodness (and refreshing home made lemonade). The radicals of SCR set up their mobile candy shop to deliver an array of revolutionary sweets, not to mention plenty of sugar coated samples. 
Visitors using the QR code to find more information about Michele Schuff and her work.
Metronome is the also the first show to launch the use of Quick Response (QR) codes in the gallery.  QR codes have been installed throughout the gallery, enabling viewers to access exclusive artist related content on their mobile devices.  Metronome’s codes feature unreleased photo sets of Michele’s works in various states of creation.  Laid on foam core, the codes can be found slightly raised off the floor near pieces: 48squares, Big Blue, Oushak, and Reprise.  Additional information on QR codes can be found at the gallery’s front desk.  Come by and check it out for yourself!

Open until:        Saturday, June 23rd