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Review of "TAKE CARE: Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century," featuring works by Adrienne Outlaw, in Nashville Scene

Adrienne Outlaw’s Fecund Series is part of “TAKE CARE: Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century,” which features the work of various female artists commenting on the dilemmas resulting from rapid biomedical advancements. It is a traveling exhibition that is currently at Austin Peay State University Trahern Gallery in Clarksville, TN through February 5, 2012. It then moves on to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Lawton Gallery from March 1 to March 29, 2012.
Read the review by Perrin Ireland in Nashville Scene.
Installation view of “TAKE CARE.” Photo courtesy of Nashville Scene.

Adrienne Outlaw also provided a sneak peak of her
studio and new work in Nashville on that you do not want to miss!
New piece demonstrates amount of sugar a person consumes in a day.

TONIGHT: "December Show 2011"

survey of works from whitespace artists

for-ever-green eco-friendly tree and wreath lot

Happy Holidays from all of us at whitespace gallery!
Featuring “Light Symphony” For-Ever-Green tree by Jose Dario Gallo
December 10 – December 31, 2011
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 10 | 7 PM – 10 PM


Join us tonight for The December Show, whitespace gallery’s final show of 2011!  It is a survey of works shown over the course of the year and additional pieces by select gallery artists.  Featured artists include Meg Aubrey, Laura Bell, Craig Dongoski, Sarah Emerson, Jody Fausett, Matt Haffner, Wendy Given, Ann-Marie Manker, David Mitchell, Adrienne Outlaw, Suellen Parker, An Pham, Seana Reilly, Michele Schuff, Whitney Stansell, Ann Stewart, and Tommy Taylor.

The For-Ever-Green Eco-Friendly Tree Lot features sustainable, reusable trees and wreaths, each created by artists re-interpreting the traditional Christmas tree and wreath.  They are displayed in the whitespace courtyard, and they are available as part of a cash-and-carry outdoor lot for visitors to take home and use in place of a traditional tree or wreath!  

The team behind gray_matter(s) will also participate by developing a site-specific installation in whitespec that coincides with the outdoor lot and includes a series of experiments in turning a whitespec gray.  The transformations embrace an inclusive and plastic understanding of perception. Through processes of analogy, layering, and gradation, different media are brought into dialogue, the space becomes a hidden dimension of variation.  Difference becomes a relative term, understood through observed realities rather than representations or ideals. In a field of endless subtlety, we find ourselves lost in our own perceptions.  

In addition to the gallery shows and For-Ever-Green lot, the opening reception features delicious treats from the Good Food Truck and general mischief from Bad Santa and his elves!

whitespace | 814 Edgewood Ave | Atlanta, GA 30307 | 404.688.1892

Agents of Seduction, now open

Agents of Seduction



Whitespace is pleased to announce a two-woman exhibition opening Friday, July 10 through August 22. The exhibition, Agents of Seduction, features New Orleans printmaker Teresa Cole and Atlanta sculptor Caroline Smith.

Printmaker Teresa Cole, teaches at Tulane University, New Orleans and holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute of Art, and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her work represents a fine balance between science and craft manipulation from its construction to its presentation. Though many prints utilize digital aspects, she hand carves each mark on nontraditional materials, such as masonite and pegboard, to create her unique images.
The prints began as an exploration of patterns and illusion. Incorporating many qualities inherent to the science of optics, her work investigates notions of ornament, decoration, and beauty. Through elegant layering and magnification, she examines how the repetition of patterns is used to distort information to elicit a complex sense of security. The prints thus create a safe space where the viewer can be captivated, persuaded, and seduced to contemplate the complexity and layers of contemporary existence.
In the same space, Atlanta native and Tulane University graduate Caroline Smith examines human existence through large, organic sculptures. Smith’s work finds inspiration in primitive and animalistic motivations found deep within human nature. She portrays the fundamental struggle in expressing the deep desires of the heart through the prism of the conscious mind. Her curvaceous and leafy creatures flow in familiar human gestures to tempt viewers to reconnect with their primal instincts while reminding them of the humanity so easily dismissed in others. Smith aims to “pry at those uncomfortable, awkward edges of life, between animal, plant, and human.”
Her sculptures juxtapose course earthenware, silky porcelain, and shiny gilded ornament, as a representation of the hidden beauty in the everyday life. Hostile and tender, fierce yet vulnerable, fearsome and fragile, the creatures are entangled in their own internal and external struggles.

Team Caroline + Julia!

New Orleans printmaker Teresa Cole
We loved having you, Teresa!