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Review of Looming Chaos by Zipporah Camille Thompson at Zuckerman

Review: Zipporah Camille Thompson weighs thoughts on nature, eternity at Zuckerman

February 18, 2020
By Rebecca Brantley

Zipporah Camille Thompson’s Looming Chaos associates the act of weaving with the notion of eternal return. The flux of nature inspires Thompson, who discusses interconnections between land, bodies and other natural phenomena in a short video accompanying her exhibition.

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Review of “Paper Routes” featuring Whitney Stansell

Review: In “Paper Routes”, 5 Georgians more than prove they’re artists to watch

February 17, 2020
By Shelley Danzy

“How did she do that?” That’s a question you’ll likely ask yourself throughout Paper Routes – GA Women to Watch 2020. The exhibition at MOCA GA (through March 7) features 29 works of art by Georgia-based artists Jerushia Graham (Atlanta), Sanaz Haghani and Imi Hwangbo (Athens), Lucha Rodríguez (Decatur) and Whitney Stansell (College Park). It comes from the Georgia Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

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