Review: Three exhibitions at whitespace, Atlanta

Review: Three exhibitions at whitespace, Atlanta

August 24, 2021
By Noah Reyes

At whitespace, an array of glittering colors and exquisite sensorial moments resound between three exhibitions from four artists currently on view. Just inside the entryway to the main gallery, a colorful maypole with a rainbow of streamers and pom poms greets visitors. Didi Dunphy’s solo exhibition, Wishful Thinking is delightful in its candy painted luster. The mash-up of playful iconography with sleek, industrial fabrication reads like a Lisa Frank sticker book meets Mies van der Rohe furniture. Beyond the polished materiality of Dunphy’s work, she also weaves in ideas referencing modernist principles of minimalism, surrealism, and pop culture through a blend of sculpture, print, and performance.

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