Matt Gilbert’s Animations for "Unless & Until"

Wyatt Williams recently reviewed Matt Gilbert’s animation of Julie Püttgen’s paintings in Creative Loafing. To read the review, please click Art Seen: Matt Gilbert’s Animations at Whitespace.

Featuring work by Julie Püttgen, JS van Buskirk, James R. Carlson, and Matt Gilbert, the multimedia collaboration Unless & Until “…tells the story of Unless and Until, two creatures of indeterminate gender and rich acquaintance, who are returning to the pleasures of domestic existence, while attempting to remember the details of a fantastical journey they have largely forgotten.  On another level, the project is a celebration of the act of creation & the experience of revelation.” (Julie Püttgen)

For more about the project, please click here. The exhibit is currently on view in the Whitespace gallery until June 19th.

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