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We’re counting down now…

Red and Mark’s show is coming down in only eight days! Come down to Inman Park and submerge yourself in the comfortable or uncomfortable Southern nostalgia. Refresh your memory with To Kill a Mockingbird and enjoy meditating from this visual feast.
If you are lucky, you may even catch the Artists in person! Now drop that remote and scoot on over!

One of the pieces not on sale, this is the artist statement written by the writer and artist’s cousin, Anita Garner. She will take you to the heart of the exhibition.

There are so many details in each piece- you are missing out if you did not see it in person.

Scale matters.

"There was a hint of summer in the air"

Theatrical Outfit actor Tom Key enticed us at Whitespace last Thursday night. He started the evening with a stimulating discussion on the cultural relevance of literature and theater in today’s society. Then he transitioned into our main event of the night- a performance from To Kill a Mockingbird of Atticus Finch’s summation speech in the courthouse. The performance soon moved inside to showcase the piece, I still hear the Mockingbird, which Tom had originally planned to read from. It includes almost every page of the book. But, it turned out we had an extra copy of the book, so that was that and all was well.

“And you-” she pointed an arthritic finger at me- “what are you doing in those overalls? You should be in a dress and camisole, young lady! You’ll grow up waiting on tables if somebody doesn’t change your ways- a Finch waiting on tables at the O.K. Cafe– Hah!
I was terrified. The O.K. Cafe was a dim organizaton on the north side of the square. I grabbed Jem’s hand but he shook me loose.”
Pg. 106

Thank you Tom for your performance and participation! He is a resident actor for Theatrical Outfit, which is Atlanta’s third oldest professional theater company. They had actually performed To Kill a Mocking Bird last September. They are a great theater venue in Atlanta, consistently carrying on the dignity of stage performance. The current performance is Godspell by s. Schwartz and J. Tebelak in performance until May 11th. Their website has more information.

*Photographs were supplied by Mark & Red, and our own Jenn. Thank you!