Ashlynn Browning Interview with VoyageATL

Art & Life with Ashlynn Browning

May 29,2018
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“Ever since childhood I knew I wanted to be an artist, but my earliest plans were to be a children’s book illustrator. That changed in college when I discovered oil painting and the work of Willem de Kooning and Philip Guston, among many others. That’s when I knew I would be an abstract painter, and I never looked back. Over the years, through graduate school and beyond, my mediums have changed from printmaking (etching and monoprints), to drawing, collage and works on paper, and from using acrylic to finally, a circular journey back to oil paint. My forms have fluctuated as well, going from organic and gestural to more geometric over the years. I expect that more spontaneous mark marking likely will find its way back in at some point.”

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