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Art Review: Into the Light: Stephanie Dowda at Whitespace

January 23,2017
by Brett Levine
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At its inception, photography’s goal was simply to capture an image. Over time, photographers and the market became obsessed not only with representation but with technical skill, including questions of the inviolability of the surface and the notion of the pristine print — perfection from emulsion to paper.

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Stephanie Dowda, Hospital Nights, 2016; gelatin silver contact print, 10 by 10 inches.

Review: Stephanie Dowda’s spectral photographs humanize grief

January 17, 2017
by Donna Mintz
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There is a spectral quality to Traces, Stephanie Dowda’s show of black-and-white archival prints and contact prints at Whitespace Gallery, and for good reason.

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Stephanie Dowda: Extinct Constellation Alter, 40