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Little Active Worlds: The Tactile Forms of Laura Bell

March 13,2013
By Yves Jeffcoat
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Laura Bell—drawer, painter, printmaker, and professor—deviates from her earlier work with her current exhibition at Whitespace Gallery, Gurgle and Seep [February 22-March 30, 2013]. While Bell explores similar themes in previous work—nature, growth, disruption, and disorder—her current use of stitching, embroidery, and three-dimensional forms has caused her organic shapes to multiply and grow in new ways.

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Detail: Laura Bell, Spillover, 2012, hand embroidery, dimensional appliqué, glass beads, and thread-wrapped wire on stained and painted linen, 17 x 14 inches, courtesy of the artist.

Review: Laura Bell’s intriguing new dimension beyond painting, at Whitespace gallery

March 8,2013
By Stephanie Cash
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Changing gears can be a risky proposition for artists. They can fail miserably or achieve a breakthrough that propels their career forward. Laura Bell took the gamble, and the results, on view at Whitespace gallery through March 30, are winning.

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Laura Bell’s “Congregate,” in wool felt, glass beads, stained and painted linen, and embroidery thread.

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