AtramentalMain by Seana Reilly

Casey Lynch interviews Seana Reilly for Drain Magazine

Seana Reilly, AtramentalMain, 2012, graphite on dibond, 72 x 48 inches

The Science of Letting Go

In the Black issue of Drain magazine, Casey Lynch interviews Seana Reilly to explore the process and inspiration for her sublime, introspective graphite “pourings.”  Reilly explains in detail her interest in Vipassana meditation, geology, and philosophy, offering readers a glimpse into her artistic journey, while Lynch highlights Reilly’s awareness of materials and balance in these monochrome works.  An obvious choice for the Black issue, Reilly’s work explores black as a subordinate concept, challenging the boundaries of form and space, flatness and depth, fullness and abyss, and, as Lynch writes, “Reilly’s work begs the question: if our passive awareness generates reality, then does an active awareness destroy it?”

Read the full interview here


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