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Pete Schulte
The Lamplighter
whitespace Gallery
30 March – 5 May 2018

The Lamplighter, Pete Schulte’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, is comprised of new works on paper and site-specific projects in both shedspace and whitespec. Schulte is the first artist to utilize all three spaces to realize a single exhibition at whitespace.

A suite of seven subtle and contemplative works on paper, conceived and developed exclusively for shedspace, will rotate on a daily basis and are intended to be viewed in the natural light of the space as it evolves throughout the course of the day and duration of the exhibition, ensuring that no single moment or experience will be repeated in the quietude of the whitespace garden. Individuals are invited to meditate in this unique installation.

An experiment in drawing and sound, produced in collaboration with composer/musician Andrew Raffo Dewar, will be presented in the whitespec project space. The installation is comprised of a single drawing by Schulte and an immersive quadraphonic audio installation by Dewar that sonifies and orchestrates the real-time brainwave and electrodermal bio-data generated by Schulte as he made the displayed drawing