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(Un)Sacred Geometries: Pete Schulte’s “The Lamplighter” at Whitespace
April 26, 2018
By Jerry Cullum

Pete Schulte’s “The Lamplighter” is a shockingly diverse exhibition that, at a casual glance, appears to be anything but. Even though it fills the three separate venues of the Whitespace/Whitespec/Shedspace complex and includes a sound art installation, the dominant medium is graphite on paper, and the dominant style is geometric.  Read More.

Review: “Zen draughtsman” Pete Schulte’s lush minimal drawings smolder in “Build a Fire” at whitespace
March 17, 2015
By Faith McClure

Pete Schulte makes geometric works on paper that vibrate with a lifelike pulse. His current solo exhibition Build a Fire, on view at whitespace through March 28, is mathematical in its concision. The suite of abstract minimalist drawings, sculptures and wall paintings mirror the architectural nuance of the gallery, accentuating the broader geometry in which the works reside.  Read More.

Shifting and Subtlety: Pete Schulte at whitespace
March 13, 2015
By Matthew Terrell

“Build a Fire,” Pete Schulte’s show at Whitespace, uses minimalist artwork with a spare palette to turn the rustic gallery into a space of pure light and shadow. The site-specific drawings and installations use the ever-changing ambient light to play with the viewer’s perception. After several site visits, Schulte, who lives in Tuscaloosa, produced drawings inspired by and evocative of the gallery’s architecture.  Read More.

In 200 Words: Pete Schulte at Whitespec
February 7, 2014
By Rachel Reese

Pete Schulte’s first solo exhibition in Atlanta—“Between Moth and Flame” at whitespec, the project space at Whitespace—is a selectively spare presentation of 14 delicate graphite, ink, and pigment drawings. These mostly square drawings are intimately scaled; the largest is 15 inches and most average eight inches square. Though two-dimensional, the drawings take on a textural quality due to the paper’s tooth and grain, an impression reinforced by Schulte’s painstaking “rendering”—graphite gradations that read as felt, and applied pigment that creates an atmospheric ground. Read More.

Amy Pleasant’s archaeology of her own past; Pete Schulte’s meditative drawings, at whitespace
January 28, 2014
By Donna Mintz

Amy Pleasant continues her exploration of archaeology and how the human figure in art history has shaped our understanding of the human experience in re/form, a thoughtful show of new work that fills Whitespace gallery with drawing, painting, sculpture and personal artifacts through February 15.

Between Moth and Flame, a solo show by Pete Schulte, occupies whitespec, the small gallery across the terrace. Fourteen small works in graphite, ink and muted pigment on paper line the walls of a cellarlike interior, which complements the meditative qualities of the work and imparts the intimate, enclosed feel of a grotto. Read More.