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Critics’ Pick, Best Art Exhibit in a Gallery: David Yoakley Mitchell at Whitespace

Creative Loafing

Owner Susan Bridges watched viewers choke up and experience surges of emotion at an especially memorable, quietly beautiful show by DAVID YOAKLEY MITCHELL AT WHITESPACE. The Georgia-based photographer offered images of elderly family members and speeding locomotives passing on the edge of small Southern towns. His most powerful images — which showed a rare tenderness and a clear eye for detail — were the tidy, personality-infused homes of a dying generation of Southerners. Mitchell’s show had an emotional depth that could take your breath away. The peaceful privacy of the alternative gallery — located in a former carriage house tucked behind an Inman Park Victorian — made the event all the more moving.

Old South
David Yoakley Mitchell remembers a time and place

October 11, 2006
Creative Loafing
By Felicia Feaster

You pass the homes driving through miniscule Southern towns and know instinctively about the people inside. It’s easy to imagine their cozy, neat-as-a-pin living rooms with the dropped ceilings and corduroy recliners, or the bedroom with the colorful afghan spread on the double bed and a poodle pin cushion on the spotless vanity. Read More.