Charlie Watts statement

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“ENTANGLED is a body of artwork that embodies my fascination with the profound symbiosis between human beings and the natural world. This work, which captures the alluring magic of the Weelaunee forest, known as the lungs of Atlanta, honors the ontological entanglement between humanity and nature. This photographic series explores the ecopsychological connections that bind us to the natural world, which transcend the¬†physical realm, delving into the emotional and spiritual dimensions of our interdependence. ENTANGLED is a visual ode to the natural world’s beauty, complexity, and frailty, as well as an incitement to confront the deleterious consequences of human activities on the environment. My hope with this work is to rekindle our connection to the natural world, reifying the notion of our inextricable bond with nature and beckoning us to reassess our role as ecological beings in a fragile, interdependent, ENTANGLED world.”