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Review: Two shows — digital collages and primate marks — produce artistic meditations at Whitespace and Whitespec
May 27, 2014
By Anna Jerry Cullum

The Primates Notebook: Work by Craig Dongoski at Whitespace and Just Past the Peripheral: Work by Charlie Watts in the adjacent Whitespec project space (both through June 21) are such opposite yet complementary artistic meditations on the human condition that they deserve an essay based on philosophical anthropology. But it is more important to encounter them first as stunningly beautiful, aesthetically engaging exhibitions. Read More.

Review: Charlie Watts’ “ThrowAways” brings artist’s eye to grim subject of sex trafficking
July 2, 2013
By Anna Jerry Cullum

When Charlie Watts set out to create an exhibition about sex trafficking, she faced the problem of making art that would neither drive away potential viewers nor blunt the impact of the unpleasant facts embodied in the works. The photographic light boxes in “The ThrowAways,” at Emory University’s Visual Arts Building Gallery through July 25, accomplish that goal quite brilliantly. Read More.

200 Words: In 200 Words: Charlie Watts’s Throwaways, Relkin & Prieto at Beep Beep, Arcadia at {Poem 88}
July 11, 2013
By Burnaway Staff

Spending time within the dark, cool walls of Charlie Watts’s current exhibition, The ThrowAways Project: A Photographic Exploration of Sex Trafficking , is not advisable for anyone who counts finding answers and resolution as a necessary part of the art viewing experience. Read More.