Bojana Ginn statement

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In discovering the relation between what a line can become and time, space and materials, I explore the plasticity and creativity of human existence. As the line flows through dimensions and materials, it becomes a path in space, a tangle of fiber, a pencil drawing on a wall. It becomes a choreographed projection of photons, a digital sentence, the trail of a hand exploring the surface. In a time of unprecedented technological and scientific development, we are constantly re-inventing what it means to be human. We areincessantly attached to our digital devices. Our pollution has changed our environment, and our polluted environment acts back on us. Genetic engineering techniques are applied to the human genome. We hear about meta-bodies, the 3D printing of organs, and cognitive and psychological computer implants to enhance our minds. Right in front of our eyes we are evolving into a new species. Still, our mind and our bodies react best to natural materials and environments.

I am interested in re-defining our relationship to ancient materials. My installations are landscapes of light, protein, and DNA, advocates for environmental healing. Manipulated in a non-traditional manner, fibers of wool (protein & DNA) are stretched into non-existence, exposing the microcosms of organic tangles, presented as 3D drawings. The organic, biodegradable material is molded into Platonic forms, suggesting utopias. Working in synergy with fiber, projected digital spaces are the sources of light and shadow. A video is a drawing in action, revealing the manipulation of a line. As such, it displays the flow of thoughts, exposing itself as reflection, a mirror of consciousness and creativity. As the line molds itself through various forms, the work is asking one question: Can our relationship to the natural world and new technologies be re-adjusted?