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In the studio with Bojana Ginn
June 29, 2018
By Andrew Alexander and Karley Sullivan

Atlanta multimedia artist Bojana Ginn and the Mary S. Byrd Gallery at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia, were recently awarded the 2018 Ellsworth Kelly Award. Each year, the Foundation for Contemporary Art gives the $40,000 grant to support a museum exhibition for a contemporary artist, and this year, the grant will allow the gallery to stage a new exhibition by Ginn in the fall of 2019. Read more.

Reimagining the future: a conversation with Bojana Ginn
September 14, 2017
By Laura Relyea

Since moving to the United States from Serbia in 2002, Bojana Ginn has captured the imaginations of innumerable art lovers, gallerists and scientists alike with her two- and three-dimensional ephemeral works that explore issues on the forefront in the realms of science and mathematics — the ethics of bioengineering, meddling with the human genome and developments in artificial intelligence. In the past few years, her work has taken her everywhere from the Venice Biennale to the 2015 Beings Summit to MOCA GA where she was recently named a 2017–18 Working Artist Project Recipient. Read more.

Review: “Infinite Body” shows the breadth and depth of beauty
April 26, 2017
By Jerry Cullum

Bojana Ginn’s Infinite Body, at Whitespace through May 13, ought to be experienced as an extraordinarily beautiful exhibition first and foremost. The reasoning behind the beauty takes us into intellectual territory that requires a bit of a journey to fathom. Read more.

Review: “Phygital Muse” at Whitespec deals deals in difficult but timely subject
December 15, 2016
By Rebecca Brantley

“Phygital Muse,” Bojana Ginn’s exhibition at Whitespec through December 31, deals in difficult but timely subject matter — the union of physical and digital realms. Ginn studied medicine before turning to art, and her work is driven by transhumanism — too simply described here as the discourse of how the human body is affected by technological advances. In her statement, Ginn positions herself outside the ethics of the field. Read more.

Review: Five artists present visually engaging surprises in “Praxis” at Agnes Scott’s Dalton Gallery
October 29, 2015
By Jerry Cullum

Praxis, at Agnes Scott College’s Dalton Gallery through November 13, is an extraordinary exhibition with a somewhat baffling premise.

Making reference to Aristotle’s theories, Jeffrey Whittle, exhibition curator and gallery director, explains that the show’s five artists represent artistic praxis (practice) in a variety of media and meditational or spiritual practice. Read more.

Bojana Ginn: Recoding the Digital, at Swan Coach House Gallery
October 29, 2014
By Eric Hancock

Bojana Ginn‘s exhibition “Recode. Play. Loop.,” on view at Swan Coach House Gallery through this Friday, comes at the digital genre with similar pretension, but with an honesty that reinforces its strength. The Yugoslavian-born artist, a trained medical professional, borrows from the language that informed her former vocation. Read more.

Review: Science meets play in Bojana Ginn’s “Liquid Lines” at Further Art
August 1, 2013
By Dinah McClintock

When one of my students writes “Monet played with color” or “Rembrandt played with light,” my impulse is to correct them, insisting that artists’ deployment of formal elements and manipulation of their medium are more deliberate and thought-based than mere “play.” But Bojana Ginn’s “Liquid Lines,” at Further Art through August 20, demonstrates that “play” can be a mechanism to reveal the unexpected potential of medium and image. Read more.