Vesna Pavlovic | Falls and Folds

Review: Vesna Pavlović’s eulogy for pictures, “Falls and Folds,” at Whitespace

July 18,2016
by Rebecca Brantley
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For those who studied art history before the adoption of digital images in the classroom, Vesna Pavlović’s Falls and Folds, might be a nostalgic reminder of bygone days or a painful reminder of long lectures, flashcards and tests. (Art history is not, I suppose, everyone’s favorite subject.)

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archival print of moderno stefano saint cecilia

Art Review : Art History Slides Become Art: Vesna Pavlović at Whitespace

July 8,2016
by Jordan Amirkhani
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Curator and writer Okwui Enwezor in his 2008 text “Archive Fever” states that the discourse of Institutional Critique is changing under our feet.

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installation shot of falls and folds show at whitespace gallery