"Softcore War" Opening Night

On September 10th, artist Ann-Marie Manker unveiled her recent body of work, Softcore War. Viewers were confronted with intriguing paintings and sculptural installations that revolve around the daydreams of a young female would-be suicide bomber.

Whitespace owner Susan Bridges with artist Ann-Marie Manker.

Sunnyside Up
sculptural installation: 1981 VW Rabbit car door, fabric, paper latex, sand.
Viewer contemplating Little Voice.

Fire Arms
sculptural installation: paper, acrylic, wax, rope, sand, flour.

The Good Food Truck provided delicious bites!
New Works by Ann-Marie Manker
The drawings and paintings of Ann-Marie Manker explore psychological narratives through the representation of figurative imagery within fantasy landscapes. Her new body of work focuses on the daydreams of a young female would-be suicide bomber.  
Exhibit Dates: September 10 – October 9, 2010
Conversation with the Artist: September 23 @ 6:30 pm

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