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Short Shorts 2018 – CALL FOR ARTISTS

Short Shorts 2018 – CALL FOR ARTISTS

Deadline: July 22,2018
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Curated by Didi Dunphy
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“We seek short films and video works (no more than 5 minutes) from authors/artists that explore and challenge ideas presented in this prompt, an investigation at revealing what is hidden, unraveling the distraction designed to confuse, un-muddying the smoke and mirrors.
We encourage submissions from a plurality of viewpoints, methods and forms, from artists, documentarians, students, citizens and amateurs alike.”


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Short Shorts 2018 - CALL FOR ARTISTS

Event: Art Over Dinner ft. Didi Dunphy with Whitespace Gallery

Art Over Dinner ft. Didi Dunphy with Whitespace Gallery

July 29,2018
Art Farm at Serenbe
Hosted by Art Farm at Serenbe
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Art Over Dinner is a series of intimate gatherings with artists and the organizations that support their work. We collaborate with the chefs at HomespunATL and local farmers to bring a seasonal meal that showcases winemakers and brewers, and invite our guest artists to spark the conversation at one long farm table on the outdoor deck of The Art Farm at Serenbe.

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Art Over Dinner ft. Didi Dunphy with Whitespace Gallery

Won’t Lovers Revolt Now | Curated by THE FUEL AND LUMBER COMPANY in partnership with AIR Serenbe

Review: “Won’t Lovers Revolt Now” at Whitespace offers timely but uneven critique of Trump-era nationalism

July 11,2018
By Logan Lockner

The tense days leading up to the opening of Won’t Lovers Revolt Now at Whitespace on June 22 seemed to amplify the urgency of the question in the group exhibition’s title. Curated by The Fuel and Lumber Company, the Birmingham-based curatorial project of artist couple Amy Pleasant and Pete Schulte, the show would have still offered potent critiques of nationalism and closed borders even if its opening hadn’t followed on the heels of two weeks of disturbing headlines describing migrant children being forcibly separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border.

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Las Hermanas Iglesias, WON’T LOVERS REVOLT NOW

Eric Mack Interview with VoyageATL

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July 10,2018
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“As a southern youth in the 1980ʼs, total enjoyment came from making, constructing, and cultivating resourceful ways of visualizing my thoughts.

After graduating high school, I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta College of Art, and I moved to Atlanta from Charleston, SC in 1994. Seven months after graduating from ACA, I had my first solo exhibition at Gallery Domo in the spring of 1999, I received a reception from the public and critics alike.”

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Bojana Ginn Receives Ellsworth Kelly Award

In the studio with Bojana Ginn

June 29,2018
By Andrew Alexander and Karley Sullivan
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Atlanta multimedia artist Bojana Ginn and the Mary S. Byrd Gallery at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia, were recently awarded the 2018 Ellsworth Kelly Award. Each year, the Foundation for Contemporary Art gives the $40,000 grant to support a museum exhibition for a contemporary artist, and this year, the grant will allow the gallery to stage a new exhibition by Ginn in the fall of 2019.

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Bojana Ginn at work in the artist’s home

Ellsworth Kelly Award 2018 – Bojana Ginn
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In fall 2019, the Mary S. Byrd Gallery of Art at Augusta University will present a solo exhibition of new multi-media works by sculptor Bojana Ginn, curated by Gallery Director Shannon Morris.

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Bojana Ginn, <em>Untitled</em>, 2017, raw sheep’s wool, monofilament, and wire, 96″ x 108″ x 108″” width=”460″ height=”327″ /></a></p></div><div

CC Calloway | Long Lasting Chew

Review: CC Calloway’s “Long Lasting Chew” at Whitespace

June 12,2018
By Logan Lockner
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In Rachel Kushner’s electrifying 2013 novel The Flamethrowers, about a young woman who falls in with a fictionalized crew of post-conceptualists in 1970s New York, an artist tells the unnamed protagonist, “You don’t have to immediately become an artist… You have the luxury of time. You’re young. Young people are doing something even when they’re doing nothing. A young woman is a conduit. All she has to do is exist.”

With her exhibition “Long Lasting Chew,” on view at Whitespace’s project space whitespec through this Saturday, June 16, Atlanta-based artist CC Calloway manages to both reject and embrace this proposition.

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CC Calloway, s.o.s. (after ABBA), 2018; mulch, rocks, broken floor tiles, spray paint, Thai kozo, India ink, wire, dimensions variable.

Matt Haffner | Harmonic Dysfunction

Barns, back roads, barbecue, billboards and Buford Highway

June 5,2018
By Jerry Cullum
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Matt Haffner’s photographs in his Harmonic Dysfunction exhibition (at Whitespace through June 16) confront a different, less distinguishable part of the South, the spaces on the margins of cities where the architecture is determined by the function of the services provided by auto body shops, liquor stores and other unromantic enterprises that are often visually identical in cities across America.

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Matt Haffner, Fast and Friendly (Image courtesy the artist/Whitespace)