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Ancient Art Objects curated by Katie Geha

Art Review: Fragments from the Museum of Us: “Ancient Art Objects” at Whitespace

August 18,2017
by Dan Weiskopf
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“At midnight in the museum hall/ The fossils gathered for a ball,” wrote Ogden Nash in one of his mordant little verses. As the news murmurs of extinctions on a global scale, “Ancient Art Objects” comes as a well-timed fossil’s ball.

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Works by Rosemary Mayer. (Photo: Kristina Ford)

Luminous Animals | Visiting Artists from Zeitgeist Gallery in Nashville

Art Review: Nashville’s Zeitgeist Gallery Brings “Luminous Animals” to Whitespace

July 15,2017
by E.C. Flamming
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There are few art spaces in Atlanta lovelier on a summer evening than Whitespace, in its 1893 carriage house with a dreamy patio and gardens. The opening of “Luminous Animals,” a group show featuring nearly a dozen artists from Zeitgeist gallery in Nashville, happened to land on a particularly warm and clear night.

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Alex Lockwood, Birth of a Blue Man, 2016; mixed media, bread ties, 21 by 23 inches.

Trevor Reese | Pyrrhic Victory

Art Review: Forced Error: Trevor Reese’s “Pyrrhic Victory” at Whitespec

April 27,2017
by Nicholas Adams
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In his latest installation, Pyrrhic Victory, the Atlanta- and Savannah-based artist Trevor Reese manages to transform Whitespec, the broom-closet experimental art space at Whitespace gallery, into a tonally saturated cloister that forces viewers to confront their inalienable physicality.

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Bojana Ginn in her studio

Teresa Cole | The Translated Mark

Review: “The Translated Mark” explores repetition, technical innovation and communication

March 16,2017
by Rebecca Brantley
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The Translated Mark at Whitespace, on view through March 25, coincides with the SGC International Atlanta Print Conference in Atlanta. The five featured artists refer to printmaking processes in their work — some adhering to traditional methods, others straying from conventional techniques.

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Teresa Cole: The Phenomenology of Pattern, laser-printed wool felt.

Stephanie Dowda | Traces

Art Review: Into the Light: Stephanie Dowda at Whitespace

January 23,2017
by Brett Levine
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At its inception, photography’s goal was simply to capture an image. Over time, photographers and the market became obsessed not only with representation but with technical skill, including questions of the inviolability of the surface and the notion of the pristine print — perfection from emulsion to paper.

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Stephanie Dowda, Hospital Nights, 2016; gelatin silver contact print, 10 by 10 inches.

Review: Stephanie Dowda’s spectral photographs humanize grief

January 17, 2017
by Donna Mintz
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There is a spectral quality to Traces, Stephanie Dowda’s show of black-and-white archival prints and contact prints at Whitespace Gallery, and for good reason.

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Stephanie Dowda: Extinct Constellation Alter, 40