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Used Air by Martha Whittington Used Air takes its starting point from the materials Whittington chooses — wood, graphite, metal, fiber and rubber; each with its own characteristics, push intentions toward the concept. This work addresses ideas and representations of “labor and industry” through the examination of the coal mine. Familiar objects are made surreal and metaphors, concrete. Exceptional craftsmanship pays homage to the dedication and hard work of those who toil in the earth to extract the raw materials of our industrial luxuries. Installation elements are available for purchase; a price list will be available. Used Air will be on view from September 12 – October 12, 2013. Please also join us for Wash, a performance by Martha Whittington in conjunction with her installation Used Air. Wash contemplates and memorializes the working conditions of turn-of-the-century miners. The performance averts the gaze from the masculine domain of the mine to the home front and the women who support the subterranean laborers through traditionally feminine activities. Wash will be performed at whitespace on Sunday, October 6th at 4:30 pm by Martha Whittington, Stephanie Pharr, Onur Topal Sumer, and Deidra Tyree, the performance is part of Atlanta Gallery Week. Both whitespace and whitespec will be open from 4 to 6 pm on October 6th, with the performance beginning promptly at 4:30, it is expected to last approximately 30 minutes.