To Run Freely On The Ocean Bottom

Debbie Hutchinson

To Run Freely On The Ocean Bottom is an immersive installation composed of materials collected over time from walks along the beach, strolls through the woods, and journeys across states and countries. Encounters with impactful sights, such as a dolphin carcass suffocated by red tide, turtles tangled in pollution and the remains of skates and whelks, have profoundly influenced both the designs of my work and my distress over environmental issues. 

This installation aims to elevate the viewer’s consciousness and inspire a shift in the prevailing attitude of apathy toward the ocean and its inhabitants. The design is influenced by the elusive 7-hour flower, a delicate bloom that unfurls for a single night. Despite its temporary nature, the flower’s pollination ensures there will always be another bloom to look forward to. The inverted wax buds in shedspace symbolize a renewed hope and optimism for conserving the sea, our planet’s most essential resource.

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Installation view
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Debbie Hutchinson, a Hambidge Fellow, has been a resident of downtown Atlanta since 1983. She earned her BFA in Silversmithing & Jewelry Design and an MFA in Sculpture from Georgia State University. Since 1993, Hutchinson has showcased her work in both local and national art exhibitions, earning her first solo show in 1994. Over the years, she has received numerous awards and invitations to exhibit her work.

Hutchinson also contributed to academia by joining the faculty at Kennesaw University’s School of Art & Design, where she introduced the first Small Metals classes. Her dedication to teaching was recognized with an outstanding part-time teaching award, leading to her appointment as a full-time lecturer. In 2022, she decided to leave her teaching position to dedicate herself entirely to her art, focusing on creating new works full-time.