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April 11 – May 2, 2015
PATH | Nicole Livieratos
Artist Talk:
Saturday, April 11 | 12 pm


Created by Nicole Livieratos in collaboration with Technical Director Chip Gooding

I am creating paths. The first started in the front yard during a creative pause, a time of pulling at the seams of what I’ve long used in choreography and performance installations. The path overlapped with a personal commitment to more sustainable living. It fed into a longtime interest in literature and poetry and a new interest in water. My work now involves deconstructed poetry as source for choreographed curvilinear pathways.

Embracing reinvention, there remains a steadfast trust in movement and its ability to inform and change us. I view words like bodies, bending and arranging them. With collaborative spirit I mine master poets, drawing on their ability to poignantly rest words together. Text is extracted, rebuilt and set into ground like a window. Action and observation join in reflective fluidity as the viewer walks the path.