Eddie Farr

“When Jamestown, Virginia was established in 1607, there were an estimated 92 million acres of old-growth longleaf pine forests in North America. These forests covered most of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains, extending from southeastern Virginia down through the middle of Florida and west to Texas.

Today less than 5% of these original old-growth forests remain.

Longleaf in shedspace, is a visual journey through the destruction and loss of these once-prevalent forests. Each point of light, a discrete instance of the original acreage that once existed, pulses to show the pyrophytic nature of a healthy longleaf pine forest. Throughout the exhibition, the complexity of the light activity will diminish to reflect the loss of these ecosystems.”

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Eddie Farr is an artist focused on physical and digital technology living in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of Georgia Southern University where he received a B.A. in Music and an M.M. in Music Technology. As a musician and composer, he has performed works internationally and throughout the U.S. He has shown works throughout Georgia and the Southeast as a visual artist.

His work is driven by the idea of a world humans no longer inhabit and what could potentially arise from a symbiotic relationship between the force that created them, nature, and the artifacts they left behind.

Farr is a Hambidge Fellow and an inaugural cohort of the Fulton County Futures Lab, a residency program designed for technology-based artists, located in Atlanta, Georgia. The work he created for Futures Lab deals with raising the public’s awareness of data privacy by creating artwork from readily available public data.