In Love Me Right Now

Neill Prewitt

In Love Me Right Now, an installation by Neill Prewitt, a small video reaches out to viewers from a crack in the gallery wall. Putting their eye to the crack, the viewer is engaged with a sensual, immersive experience. In the video, the artist dances in front of a large drawing, moving his body in and out of its abstracted anthropomorphic shape and toward the viewer, demanding “love me, right now.” Responding to the ubiquity of insubstantial videos constantly jittering for our attention from screens embedded everywhere in our environment, Prewitt’s intervention in the gallery opens dialogue between the body and the image, and creates a palpable tension between exterior environments and interior mindscapes.


Neill Prewitt works in video, sound, performance, and installation. Neill has produced videos and installations that have been shown nationally at 621 Gallery in Tallahassee FL, Lump in Raleigh NC, and Freedman Gallery at Albright College in Reading PA. He has performed and produced participatory art nationally including at the Amos Eno Gallery in Brooklyn NY, the OBX Art Truck in Elizabeth City NC, and Silent Barn in Brooklyn NY. With the collective Yuxtapongo, Neill has produced art for public spaces including public access TV, as well as installations that have been shown at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University in Durham NC. Neill is currently Senior Lecturer and Foundations Coordinator at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.