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memories image by Geewon Ahn


June 26 – August 1, 2015
Between Absence and Presence | Geewon Ahn
Opening Reception:
Friday, June 26 | 7 – 10 pm

Between Absence and Presence

Nearly every little facet of life that we understand is dependent on our visual perception of our life, predisposing us to only see the present. But it is not difficult to perceive that our life is composed of two antithetical ideas: presence and absence. The happenings of our past have allowed our progression to become who we are at this moment. When we lose those valuable pieces of the past we lose pieces of our identity as well. An opportunity to think and revisit from a different perspective of absence enriches our present.

The work explores how the resulting absence has changed my development. I use my personal narrative to reveal my own understanding of loss (absence) and presence (memory after experiencing absence). Through my work, ordinary and overlooked objects and its surroundings are elevated to the level of valuable artifacts as if haunting the space of the real. I would like the audience to think about the meaning of presence and absence in their lives.