Fuego Nuevo

Sergio Suárez

Fuego Nuevo is an amalgamation of printmaking, ceramic, sculpture, and installation. Prompted by an interest in translation, the exhibition uses different traditions of making to construct a visual language concerned with syncretism, temporality, and the porosity between objects, images, and structures.

The exhibition is organized around the Mesoamerican post-classical ceremony of Fuego Nuevo (“New Fire”), which symbolizes the renewal of the universe and a collaborative effort to delay the end of the world. Fuego Nuevo examines historical and personal narratives, as well as how experiences shape the formative and future self. By approaching making as a process of translation, form is both gained and lost.

Will the particles that compose my being meet once more?
Will they find each other,
either by chance or by luck,
elsewhere, under another sun,
to bring forth this form?
A cup to contain the blood, spilled
the tears of seven years.
A path of flesh and carnations.
Or instead be neither here nor there, dispersed, dust,
Rust, the water raining down your hips
That evaporate and atomize to turn again into dew
I am the night for I submerge in the obscure yet palpable realm
of what has been, of what could be, and what is yet to take place.
Should I care about not having a name,
If I am everywhere?…

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Photos by Mike Jensen


Sergio Suárez (B.1995) is a Mexican-born, Atlanta-based visual artist and printmaker. He graduated Georgia State University in 2021 with a B.F.A in Drawing Painting and Printmaking / concentration in Printmaking. His practice prompted by an interest in translation, explores the structure of materiality in relation to language, to reconcile the material condition of being and the intangible echoes that attempt to describe it.  His work has been shown around Atlanta, in spaces like Day & Night Projects, THE END Project Space, ShowerHaus Gallery, the Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta, Take it Easy Gallery, and the Atlanta Contemporary. Internationally his work has been included in several group exhibitions such as the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair in London, the Haugesund Internasjonal Relief Festival in Norway, OPED Space in Tokyo, and the Ionian Arts Center in Greece; where he was an artist in residency in 2017 and 18. His work is also included in the SGCI archives of the Zuckerman Museum. He lives and works in Atlanta Georgia where he is part of the Studio Artist Program at the Atlanta Contemporary. He has two cats.