Delay of Game

by Dave Armistead

Delay of Game is an installation in shedspace and part of the group exhibition Parallel curated by Teresa Bramlette Reeves.

COVID-19 continues to push us away from each other, and the interactions we DO have, are increasingly sterile. Shared experiences, in masses, have been all but removed from our lives and replaced with digital “togetherness”.  As of now, sporting events are experienced remotely, through the filter of the screen. How we will experience sport going forward?

What does this new reality mean for spectatorship? Will shared experiences be replaced by ones of isolation, or even solitude? Will the spectacle of sport be evident or even necessary without people to experience it firsthand? What happens to sport without our participation? What happens to sport without us?

Delay of Game
Dave Armistead
Artificial turf, wood, paint, fan, plexiglass, confetti
Installation, dimensions vary