CommaRoom, Vol. 3: I’m Never Coming Home

by Comma

We spend 12 – 18 months on each CommaBox volume collaborating with participating artists. As an extension of this rich process we like to showcase works from their individual practices. CommaRoom takes the miniature boxed exhibition and amplifies it into a full-scale, architectural context. In Shedspace, the collaborators on Volume 3: I’m Never Coming Home: Barbara Weissberger, Eleanor Aldrich, Kelly Hendrickson, Erin Bellieu, Judy Rushin, and Carolyn Henne contribute current works from their individual practices. We design the exhibition to act as a different point of entry into the Comma experiment. Rather than presenting the artists’ and writer’s work in a typical group exhibition format, we create unique sculptural displays that put the artists’ works in direct conversation with one another. This highly mediated way of arranging artwork maintains the distinct voice of each artist within the framework of Comma’s creative vision.

Judy Rushin and Carolyn Henne


Eat the Studio (step ladder, cardboard)
by Barbara Weissberger, 2019
19” x 13”, digital photograph/archival pigment print photo print on cotton (cut, pieced, sewn) wrapped wood frame, unique.

Ace Calendar
by Eleanor Aldrich, 2018
approx. 14″ x 9”, pigment and plaster wrap and oil on canvas.

Swallowed Whole
by Kelly Hendrickson, 2019
12” x 18”, photograph

Slant Six
by Erin Belieu, 2014

When We Start Working For Free
by Judy Rushin, 2018
30” x 40”, cotton knit factory remnants

Catching My Drift
by Carolyn Henne, 2018
lo-fi ani” lo-fi animation with 9 lamps


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