Chthonic Passage

Adam Gabriel Winnie

“Probing the subterranean world within, Chthonic Passage, focuses on the underworld descent that occurs during the initial phase of shamanic initiations. The passage of thresholds, trials, encounters, and symbolic death, all find their place in the monomyth. This exhibition explores a quest into the cave of the mind through a combination of archetypal symbolism and uncanny aesthetics. My works draw from narrative themes found in ancient mythologies in which journeys of a transformative nature confront the unknown within the depths of the psyche. Initiating and integrating the polarities within us, between the oppositions of the Dionysian and Apollonian, instinct and intellect, emotion and reason, maybe it’s possible to glimpse a reflection of ourselves.”

Ocular Oracle
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Adam Gabriel Winnie (b. Michigan, 1981) is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Adam received a BFA from SCAD is 2012 and an MFA from Georgia State University in 2023. While drawing has notably become the core of his praxis, Adam’s creative process is informed by the expanded field of sensorial experience. Drawing, painting, photography, video, and sound are all fair game, each finding a niche to fill in his practice.

Adam has been exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions across the United States since 2003, including; Field Projects in New York, the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art, The Sylvia White Gallery in Ventura, California; The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art in New Paltz, New York; The Vendue in Charleston, South Carolina, and many others. His works are a part of the Art Collection at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Judge Realty Corporate Collection, The Savannah College of Art & Design Permanent Collection, and in the private collections of many others. Adam has received grants from; The Artists’ Fellowship, The Haven Foundation, and Change Incorporated. Adam has both founded nonprofits (Atomic Art Cooperative) and served on the board of others (ARC Savannah). Adam began teaching in Art & Art History Dept. of Auburn University this Fall. Winnie’s work will soon be featured in the upcoming edition of New American Paintings #166 South.

Adam Gabriel Winnie has called Georgia home since 2009, he lives and works in Decatur, GA