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Late night Underground

starting march 27th
Three Evenings of Underground Film
curated by Brad Lapin

Friday March 27, 9 pm
“Is My Brain a Germ or a Disease”
The Underground 60s

{featuring a screening and discussion of “Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis” by Mary Jordan (2006)}

Mary Jordan’s award-winning documentary traces the life and times of the revolutionary artist and filmmaker Jack Smith whose best known film Flaming Creatures (1963) is widely considered among the most influential underground films ever made. Utilizing a mixture of rare archival material and interviews with important artistic and cultural figures of the 60s (and beyond), Jordan produces a riveting portrait of both the man and the milieu.

{And also featuring excerpts from “The Craven Sluck” by Mike Kuchar (1967)}

Film starts promptly at 9pm!

Admission is free
Over 18 only

Friday April 3, 9 pm
“Ready for My Close Up”
The Cinema of Guy Maddin

{featuring a discussion and excerpts from his films including “Sissy Boy Slap Party” (1995) and “Coward Bend the Knee”(2003)}

Canadian filmaker, Guy Maddin, is know for recreating the look and style of silent era films and is likened to the early films of director David Lynch. Best know for his feature film in 2003 “The Saddest Music in the World” starring Isabella Rossilini, Maddin has directed many short & feature films over the past two decades.

With a Janus-like vision that encompasses the history of cinema while simultaneously expressing a startlingly new and intensely personal narrative technique, filmmaker Guy Maddin has singlehandedly redefined the meaning of underground film at the beginning of the 21st century.

Film starts promptly at 9pm!

Admission is free
Over 18 only

Friday April 10, 9 pm
“The Cinema of Transgression”
The Films of Richard Kern and Nick Zedd

{featuring a discussion and excerpts from their films.}

Convulsive, controversial and strictly over-the-top, the works of both Richard Kern and Nick Zedd have long been considered the sine qua non of in-your-face filmmaking. Not for the faint of heart nor weak of stomach, this is film for connoisseurs of the dank and the dangerous. Frankly and stankly erotical.

Film starts promptly at 9pm!

Admission is free
Over 18 only

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