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TANGENT: Opening reception 1.15

Thank you everyone for coming out and gracing the gallery (and the courtyard) with your presence! We could not believe how packed the space was, and appreciate everyone’s participation in the exhibition. For those who missed the chance to attend the opening, we will be showing until February 20th. We look forward to seeing you here!

Artist Tommy Taylor

Mario in his performance with variations of drums-
It was fantastic! Thanks Mario!

Tangent: new paintings by Tommy Taylor


new paintings by Tommy Taylor

Opening Friday Jan 15 | 7-10 PM

Whitespace is pleased to present Tommy Taylor’s newest body of work, Tangent. Kinetic and vibrant, Taylor calls his paintings “intuitive anthropomorphic abstracts”. The spontaneity and organic forms, drips and splatters support this statement well. While his palette retains the upbeat and quirky colors he is known for, this work is less playful and more contemplative than it has been in the past.

exhibition dates: January 15 – February 20, 2010

opening reception: Friday, January 15 | 7-10 pm

Shaun’s restaurant on Edgewood Avenue will be offering a seasonally inspired $29 menu and $6 organic vodka kumquat “Tommy-tinis” throughout the evening for guests who attend the show.

the DECEMBER SHOW: now open!

Selected Gallery Artists:
Robin Bernat – Jonathan Bouknight – Teresa Cole – Sarah Emerson – Jody Fausett – Matt Haffner – Sally Heller – Julia Hill – Ann-Marie Manker – Beth Marcum – David Yoakley Mitchell – John Otte – Mark Sandlin – Red Weldon-Sandlin – Michele Schuff – Scott Silvey – Caroline Smith – Micah Stansell – Whitney Stansell – Ann Stephenson – Richard Sudden – Tommy Taylor – Yukari Umekawa – Tracy Wagner


mini boutique

continues until the end of December!

Gallery Hours:
Wed – Sat | 11 AM – 5 PM
or by appointment

814 Edgewood Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307

In The Thicket of It

BY Sally Heller


New Orleans-based artist, Sally Heller, creates unique structures that are at once familiar and strange by presenting mass-produced, disposable objects in unusual contexts. Through a process of subtle twists and turns she strips everyday detritus and disposable, low-end consumer goods of their original use-value, recycling them into organic forms that are repositioned in room-size installations, creating bizarre landscapes from the generic and proliferous discards of our disposable lifestyles. Fascinated by the poetics of contradictions, oxymorons and double entendres, Heller is less interested in her work’s inherent commentary on consumerism, waste and ecology than she is in seeing humor in our world’s plasticized realities.

The photographs provide documentation of the installations and are expressive as abstract paintings; their immediacy clearly reveals the dynamic energy that goes into building these colorful and animated installations. In the photographs, one can make out the havoc caused by nature’s powers, yet the intensity of the color and wry plastic objects evoke anything but disaster. They are highly finished and elegant objects.

Conversion: new installations by Kelcy Chase Folsom


Kelcy Chase Folsom

OCTOBER 22- NOVEMBER 21 | whitespec

Conversion, an exhibition by Kelcy Chase Folsom opened on Thursday evening, October 22 at whitespec. Folsom’s intention is to tackle the process of deconstruction, rebirth and destruction. For over two years, Chase collected cast off shards and other discarded ceramic objects that covered his studio floor. Folsom had a choice, either dump the pieces or work with them. He chose the later and began sculpting the mass of stacked and strategically placed objects and by doing so, reconstructed a new aesthetic. He recorded this process with drawings and photographs. After the completion of each sculpture, he then smashed it to bits with a hammer. Next, he carefully and meticulously sieved and separated the materials into various gradients ranging from pebble-size to that of a fine powder therefore returning the ceramic to its original state. Five wall installations document Kelcy Chase Folsom’s very unique approach to working with clay.

Soft Trap: Opening Night!

I was very sorry to miss the opening reception of Sarah Emerson and Jeff Grant’s Soft Trap + Withershins. But many of you were smart enough to stay in town (do away with the traffic, please!) and grace us with your presence at the gallery. It seems to have been great fun and games! Thank you all for coming!
We are open until 5 this afternoon if you wish to stop by, and would love to see you here!

Artist Jeff Grant himself, getting jiggy wid it

Jeff and his boyfriend, Lucas

The lovely Sarah Emerson and her husband Jesse Cregar


Soft Trap + Withershins



opening reception


Atlanta painter, Sarah Emerson, is inspired by the tragic romanticism of a decaying environment and civilization. Her paintings express a precarious balance between the innate splendor of nature, and the mysterious fear and violence that lurks beneath the surface as natural landscapes are encroached upon and exploited. Emerson’s newest body of work is a nostalgic projection of a “future Eden” filled with fear and awe. These paintings are uniquely haunting in their whimsy and playfulness, effectively blurring the line between fairy tale and horror story.

In addition to the paintings, a collection of drawings titled “The Final Girl” is on display. The collection emerges from a concept explored by author Carol Clover on the last surviving girl in horror films. The drawings are intimately connected to the paintings as Emerson’s paintings place the viewer in the position of “the final girl”, or last survivor. She paints strange, yet familiar scenes, using common images (such as deer, beehives, fruit, locusts, bubbles, and bullet holes) to evoke a landscape of intuitive impressions. Ultimately, Emerson presents a new environment that we are left to contemplate in our own human solitude.

Work by artist, Jeff Grant will also be integrated into the exhibition. Similar to Emerson, Grant explores themes of urban encroachment into our natural environment. He works in a variety of media (drawings in ink, wood and yarn sculptures, lighting installations), to create classic forms that resonate with the viewer. Together, Emerson and Grant’s exhibition, titled Soft Trap, encourage imaginative exploration into their work by creating a landscape of memory and ambiguous symbolism.

Sarah Emerson holds a BFA from Atlanta College of Art, while Jeff Grant holds a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design. Both artists received their MFA from Goldsmiths College in London, England. Their exhibition will be displayed in the main Whitespace gallery.