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Artist Talk by Group seven

Group Seven exhibition at Whitespace concluded on August 30th, shortly following the Artist talk. The collaborative show will continue to travel to different parts of the coast. Although the show was brief, watch for upcoming shows of Imagillaboration at further locations and times.Thank you all for joining us!

February 12, ’09 – March 12, ’09


A nationwide traveling exhibit of sculptures made by collaborative artists

Learning Resource Center Galleries, GPC campus

(also at Clarkston Fine Arts and Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center Galleries)

(Dunwoody Reception: Thursday, February 12, 2 – 4 p.m.)

Artists Patrick Toups and Julia Hill

Artist Melinda Crider to far left

Artists Matt Sigmon and Kate Hannon

Artist Don Dougan to the right

Group Seven and its Eight Sculptors

group seven

An exhibit by eight sculptors in collaboration
Organized through Imagillaboration
August 15th -30th

This afternoon at 2 pm {08.30} is the Artist talk and the last day of the exhibition for the show, group seven. The eight artists- Patrick Toups, Matt Sigmon, Phil Proctor, Julia Hill, Kate Hannon, Don Dougan, Antonio Darden, and Melinda Crider- will be present at Whitespace to talk about the creative process and their personal experience with the concept of the “Exquisite corpse.” Join us today and catch the last glimpses of both the visual and interactive experience.