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Amy Pleasant receives coveted Guggenheim Fellowship

Birmingham artist receives coveted Guggenheim Fellowship

April 19 ,2018
By Erin Edgemon
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Birmingham-based artist Amy Pleasant was recently awarded a highly prestigious fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. “This is such an unbelievable honor,” she said. “I am blown away.” Pleasant said this fellowship, which was awarded to a group of 173 scholars, artists and scientists from the United States and Canada, will give her the freedom to create her artwork.

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Amy Pleasant, Collection (Busts), 2017; ink and gouache on paper, 22 by 30 in. Private Collection

Sarah Emerson | Are We the Monsters | Zuckerman Museum of Art

Art Review: American Carnage: Sarah Emerson’s “Are We the Monsters” at the Zuckerman Museum of Art

April 19,2018
By Logan Lockner
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One of the large-scale wall drawings in Sarah Emerson’s exhibition “Are We the Monsters”—on view at Kennesaw State University’s Zuckerman Museum of Art through July 1—appears to be the Atlanta artist’s response to the gendered phrase the “mother of all bombs,” which was used to describe a large-yield explosive deployed for the first time by the US military in Afghanistan last spring.

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Nancy Floyd exhibits in group show about daily life in Santa Monica

Art Review: Mesmerizing moments from an art show about daily life

April 9 ,2018
By Leah Ollman
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Nancy Floyd’s daily photographic self-portraits over 35 years situate the artist in her home or work environment, delivering more piquant period flavor. The sections of the project mounted here like giant proof sheets take us from fake wood paneling to a bank of computers, from a young woman with long hair and bangs to a mature adult in a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

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Nancy Floyd

Susan Bridges Interview with VoyageATL

Meet Susan Bridges of Whitespace Gallery in Inman Park

January 16,2018

“I opened Whitespace gallery in 2006 after spending 15 years curating pop-up art shows in raw industrial spaces in Atlanta, Georgia.Today, the gallery represents close to 50 national and international artists and has garnered attention from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), local NPR affiliate WABE, Atlanta Magazine and Creative Loafing.”

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Susan Bridges at Whitespace Gallery

Morgan Alexander | …between the sea and the sky

200 Words: Morgan Alexander “…between the sea and the sky”

January 28,2016
By Jerry Cullum
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Morgan Alexander’s exhibition “…between the sea and the sky,” at Berry College’s Moon Gallery in Rome, Georgia, through February 4, is almost stubbornly determined to be misinterpreted.

Lacking explanatory labels, its transience is easily viewed as permanence. A perfect cube of dandelion seeds held together only by compression and gravity looks as enduring as marble. A bowl made of cast salt looks like alabaster.

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Morgan Alexander, speaking about his work no title-installation drawings (maple stems), 2016; collected maple stems.

Morgan Alexander | Print or Projection

Review: “Print or Projection” Proves to Be Intelligent, Thought-Provoking and Brand New

January 21,2016
By Donna Mintz
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A photograph is a record of an exact moment fixed in time and delivered to the present. No matter how fresh or innovative, a photograph is always a backward glance. Nothing portrays this more eloquently than Morgan Alexander’s gorgeous wet plate ambrotypes and tintypes which could only be exactly as they are — each a unique image created without a negative. What they are presents photography at its most ephemeral, though each is ponderous with time and laden with history, making it easy to understand why Alexander thinks of them as sculptural objects.

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Morgan Alexander’s collection at Print or Projection.

Meg Aubrey | Selfie: A Contemporary Look at the Self-Portrait

Review: “Selfie” suggests digital technology puts a new spin on tradition of self-portraiture

July 22,2014
By Jerry Cullum
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The invention of photography in the early 19th century radically altered the course of modern art and forever changed the way people see the world around them.

Has 21st-century technology — digital photography, social media, smart phones with cameras — had a similar impact on art and vision? This is one of the questions posed by Selfie: A Contemporary Look at the Self-Portrait at the Chastain Arts Center through August 2.

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Meg Aubrey: Damaged, 2012.