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Scarlet Air, the second collaborative show at whitespace by Micah and Whitney Stansell presents a combination of audio, film, and video stills to create an immersive experience. Set in a suburban/rural 1980s, Scarlet Air takes place at the dawn of a hyper-consumerist, hyper-connected US as the Stansells’ recall memories of their older siblings who were coming of age at this moment.

Ideas vanish before they solidify into a flood of hyper-neon pinks or purples, vibrant artifacts of our unbreakable obsession with plastic as it accumulates in the corners of our lives. Dialogue is disrupted, images emerge disjointed, technical editing becomes an extension of our mental fluidity and the struggle that we endure to preserve some piece of our own history.

Scarlet Air centers on a single female protagonist, her relationships, the liminal spaces of her existence, and her surrounding environment.