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Into the Light: Stephanie Dowda at Whitespace
January 23, 2017
By Brett Levine

At its inception, photography’s goal was simply to capture an image. Over time, photographers and the market became obsessed not only with representation but with technical skill, including questions of the inviolability of the surface and the notion of the pristine print — perfection from emulsion to paper. Read More

Review: Stephanie Dowda’s spectral photographs humanize grief
January 13, 2017
By Donna Mintz

There is a spectral quality to Traces, Stephanie Dowda’s show of black-and-white archival prints and contact prints at Whitespace Gallery, and for good reason. Dowda made the images, all from the past two years, in response to her experience of the progression of her mother’s cancer and eventual passing. Read More

Stephanie Dowda on Her “Lost World”
April 30, 2015
By Kristin Jones

Artists Stephanie Dowda (above) and Kelly Kristin Jones sat down at the Krog Street Market—the bustling new food hall in a repurposed warehouse—to discuss the project Dowda with create with her recently awarded Idea Capital grant. Dowda is known for enigmatic black-and-white photographs that purport to capture the emotional energy of a place. Here, she talks about her technique, assumptions, loss, and how the recent death of her mother has impacted her work. Read More

A few questions with Stephanie Dowda
March 31, 2014
Creative Loafing
By Muriel Vega

In her debut solo exhibition at Get This Gallery, Stephanie Dowda’s Topophilia investigates how we connect to our environment through black-and-white photographs inspired by philosopher Yi-Fu Tuan’s theory of topophilia – the strong connection you have toward a place. The former Dashboard Co-op resident uses national state parks as the subject for her ghostly gelatin silver prints. Dowda is currently a studio artist at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Studio Program and a Hambidge Fellow. Her solo show shares space with Tommy Nease’s solo exhibition nevermore. Read More

Review: Photographers Stephanie Dowda and Tommy Nease explore place in unexpected ways, at Get This
March 26, 2014
By Donna Mintz

A sense of place takes root at Get This gallery with shared solo exhibitions by photographers Stephanie Dowda and Tommy Nease, on view through May 10.

Topophilia, Dowda’s series of dreamy silver gelatin prints, takes its name and inspiration from the work of Yi-Fu Tuan, the venerated Chinese American philosopher and geographer who explored the nexus of geography and art and stressed the importance of place in human perception. Read More

Q & A: Photographer Stephanie Dowda loves places, but loves noplace most of all
September 12, 2013
By Bethany Collins

Every so often, photographer Stephanie Dowda courts the idea of moving away from her hometown of Atlanta. Especially when she remembers discovering, after graduating from Georgia State University in 2006, that no rentable darkrooms existed for emerging artists in the city. Though often tempted by imagining the opportunities that bigger cities might offer, she is compulsively drawn back by envisioning all that Atlanta could be. Read More