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Orphic Mysteries: Seana Reilly at Whitespace
September 22, 2016
By Jerry Cullum

Seana Reilly’s new Whitespace exhibition “Docking on the Orphic Shore” bears a title that might lead the classically educated among us to expect mystical initiation—or at least the story of a creative personality who has been to Hell and back without accomplishing the goal. Most of us may not quite remember whether Orpheus had to cross the river Styx to rescue his dead wife from the underworld. Fewer of us are likely to remember anything but the name of theOrphic mysteries, but even before we look up the forgotten information, the mysteries’ myth of humanity’s complicated origins and the better-known myth of  Orpheus and Eurydice are inevitably suggested by Reilly’s title. Read More.

Process: Seana Reilly’s Graphite Abstractions
September 13, 2016
By Ben Goldman

Seana Reilly‘s show “Docking on the Orphic Shore” just opened at Whitespace gallery on September 9. The Atlanta artist is known for her atmospheric abstractions, many of which suggest landscapes or seascapes, which she creates using various techniques to manipulate liquid graphite. Ben Goldman visited with the artist in her studio as she was preparing work for the show, which is up through October 15. Read More.

Converging Forces: Idea Capital Artists on Creation and Orientation
March 15, 2013
By Sarah Levine

Idea Capital recently announced the recipients of its 2013 grants, and the group of artists represents the diversity of communities, interests, and media in Atlanta. I talked to two artists, Sheila Pree Bright and Helen Hale, and one collaborative team, Marcia Vaitsman and Seana Reilly, about the projects the Idea Capital grants help to fund. In their variety these women capture an essence: that epistemology is the result of intertwining narratives. Read More.

Review: Ann Stewart, Seana Reilly Plumb the Limits of Knowledge at Whitespace
August 15, 2011
By Catherine Fox

Whitespace has an engaging pair in Atlanta artists Seana Reilly and Ann Stewart. Their shared interest in systems, flux and process is aptly connoted in the show’s title, “Perpetual Assembly.” It will run through September 3. Read More.

Seana Reilly’s Artwork Meditates on the Science of Letting Go
August, 8 2011
By Casey Lynch

There really is only one way to describe the imagery of Seana Reilly’s current work on display at Whitespace Gallery: undeniable. As part of a two-person exhibition including the continually active drawings of Ann Stewart, Reilly’s work leads to more questions than answers. In a series of experiments with liquid graphite, the artist posits myriad dualities that coexist harmoniously to produce art that calls for serious contemplation, perhaps even meditation. Read More.