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Studio Visit: Nancy Floyd in Atlanta
March 1, 2015
By Susannah Darrow

Atlanta artist Nancy Floyd has been photographing herself pretty much every day since 1982. She calls the unedited collection of over 2,500 photos a visual calendar—titled “Weathering Time”—one that shows how she has aged over the years. Read More.

Nancy Floyd: Weathering Time
August 18, 2014
By Aline Smithson

I have always been fascinated with work made over time–Nicholas Nixon’s project on the Brown Sisters, the 7Up series of films by Michael Apted, and the new Richard Linklater movie, Boyhood  as examples.  Nancy Floyd’s own personal thirty year timeline of photographic documentation reveals the ordinary–the same sweatshirt or robe worn with the same casual pose examining the passage of time.  She documents various dogs  and children over the years, but it is Nancy that roots the work with her passive expressions, letting us know that she’s still here and not so very different from long ago. Nancy has two exhibitions of this work in 2015, at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery in Atlanta and The Pearl Conard Art Gallery at Ohio State University in Mansfield, OH. Read More.

Author discusses impact of women and guns
November 4, 2008
Appalachian State University News
By ASU News

BOONE – Inspired by the film “Thelma and Louise,” photographer Nancy Floyd bought her first handgun in 1991. She felt comfortable having made her purchase until she fired it for the first time. “It terrified me,” she said. “But I saw lots of women at the firing range and I started talking to them.” Read More.

Nancy gets her gun
March 5, 2008
Creative Loafing
By Felicia Feaster

A woman with a gun. The image defies our most ingrained notions of femininity. Women are supposed to be nurturing and peaceable. But a woman with a gun suggests other possibilities: independence, fury, the ability to shoot a hole through your neck quicker than the reflex to bake up a plate of snickerdoodles. Read More.