Morgan Alexander statement

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This work was made over the last half of 2019 by two friends – some on our own and some in a space we share. We each brought ourselves to the work and so, of course, each piece reflects the one who made it – how could it not? Still, each also bears traces of the other – of our shared labor, our dialogues, and our presence…

Seana – Making this work, like all my work before it, has been an ongoing practice of letting go of expectations, of control, and of ego. What is happening outside of the studio can’t help but color what I respond to on the studio table. It can shape the general character of the work, but the final detailed image is largely out of my control – it teaches me patience and self-trust in the face of doubt and uncertainty. An open sky holds infinite capacity for both delight and despair; we make what we can and send it up, letting the winds take it, adjusting the string, then letting go.

morgan – For me, the act of making is a way of looking inward – of processing and ordering the outside and then… negotiating terms – a way of seeing oneself in the shape of something else. Each piece has a voice. Each tells a small quiet story – mostly just to itself. Each piece is also a link in a chain, affected by what came before and affecting all that follows. And, just like us, each one is imperfect, fragile, and fleeting. This is a first meeting, and this is also a last meeting.

Only the Zen-man knows tranquility:
The world-consuming flame can’t reach this valley.
Under a breezy limb, the windows of
The flesh shut firm, I dream, wake, dream.