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Endarkened Bearings: Mimi Hart Silver at Whitespace
February 10, 2016
By Jerry Cullum

On January 30, a curious encounter of generations and artistic genres took place at Whitespace Gallery, as Dr. Thomas L. McHaney, author of half a dozen books on William Faulkner and editor of a vast range of Faulkner arcana, conversed with Atlanta artist Mimi Hart Silver, whose paintings reflect the intensely personal encounter with Faulkner’s oeuvre that comes from having, as she put it, “grown up in a Faulkner novel” long before ever having read one. Silver’s show “Territories/Kingdoms” is on view at Whitespace through February 13. Read More.

Faulkner & Silver: an exploration in Southern identity and generational memory
February 9, 2016
By Donna Mintz

On January 30, Susan Bridges of Whitespace Gallery invited William Faulkner scholar Tom McHaney to join Mimi Hart Silver in the gallery for a discussion of Territories/Kingdoms, Silver’s current show of painting and drawing. The Late Afternoon Salon, in the style of the old literary salon, was an enriching, educational and downright fun way to spend a cold winter afternoon. Winter light slanted through the glass doors of Bridges’ brick-floored gallery, warming those of us gathered there, some of whom were already warming from the bourbon she had offered for the occasion. Read More.

Review: “Territories/Kingdoms” menaces and beckons viewers into darkness
February 1, 2016
By Matthew Terrell

Mimi Hart Silver’s aggressive, violent works beckon the viewer into darkness. There’s something sinister in Territories/Kingdoms at Whitespace. Silence of the Lambs is evoked; it’s easy to imagine Hart Silver gazing down upon her artwork in the studio, demanding “It rubs the lotion on the skin, or else it gets the hose again,” as Buffalo Bill did, then drowning her innocent blocks of paper in strongly brewed tea, staining them deep with pigment. Read More.

In 200 Words: Yarn Bombing, Larry Jens Anderson at Kai Lin, Ronald Nuse at Callanwolde, Mimi Hart Silver at Whitespace
July 25, 2013
By Karley Sullivan

Mimi Hart Silver is an artist with a great deal of technical skill. Dead of Night consists of high-shine paintings made from photographs of her brother skinning and cleaning the carcasses of wild animals [Whitespace Gallery, June 21-July 27, 2013]. The bloody physicality of the act dissolves into a swish of bulging organs, pink hands, milky pulled skins, fur, and feathers. Everything evaporates into shafts of light that pierce a glittering darkness. Hart Silver photographs, then glazes, varnishes, and ultimately, packages the light that falls on the action of stripping the creatures. They read as photographs, though transcribed in paint. Read More.

30 Under 30: With a life like fiction, Mimi Hart Silver could be an artistic star in the making
July 22, 2013
By Jerry Cullum

Mimi Hart Silver is an ardent reader of such Southern writers as William Faulkner, Carson McCullers and Flannery O’Connor, but her life and artwork belong in a novel by Walker Percy, whose particular brand of Southern fiction confronted the abstract questions of existential philosophy alongside the concretely specific questions of how to survive as a human being. Read More.

The grisly becomes poetry in Mimi Hart Silver’s “parallel world of shadows,” at Whitespace
June 27, 2013
by Jerry Cullum

The South described in Southern Gothic literature is a place of shadows, secrets and visions. Mimi Hart Silver’s paintings in “Dead of Night,” at Whitespace gallery through July 27, incorporate the shadows and psychic secrets; their luminous quality suggests the visions as well, although no subject matter could be less visionary. Read More.