Marcia Vaitsman reviews

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Last Chance: Marcia Vaitsman’s photos so retro they look new in “Small Acts of Kindness” at whitespace
November 30, 2015
By Matthew Terrell

Marcia Vaitsman‘s photographs in Small Acts of Kindness, at Whitespace gallery through December 5, diverge almost completely from that of today’s fine-art shutterbugs. Much of contemporary photography is so clean, precise and hyperreal, it feels like the artist is not present in the work at all. Read More.

Review: Marcia Vaitsman’s delightfully eerie “Study of Strange Things” at Solomon Projects
September 25, 2011
By Robert Stalker

Marcia Vaitsman asserts that the enigmatic photo-based works in “Study of Strange Things,” her solo show at Solomon Projects through October 1, seem to “belong to anybody else but me.” The artist’s professed estrangement from her own images adds yet another level of mystery to an already delightfully peculiar group of works. Vaitsman’s photographs, light boxes and video installation grippingly transform commonplace materials and objects into the exotic and unusual. Read More.

Vaitsman’s Study of Strange Things Taps into a Personal Mythology
September 14, 2011
By Jerry Cullum

Described by Marcia Vaitsman as a work in progress, her Study of Strange Things at Solomon Projects is a body of photography and video that explores the relationship between art, society, and the individual consciousness. The visual metaphors she employs aren’t just made up out of culturally received symbolism; they’re personal proto-symbols—symbols, however, of nothing besides the elusive images that form the ground of what we construct as meaning. Read More.