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All About Me: Hamlett Dobbins at David Lusk Gallery, Nashville
January 10, 2017
By Joe Nolan

Hamlett Dobbins’s new exhibition at David Lusk Gallery in Nashville, “I Will Have To Tell You Everything,” is a perfectly titled show of about a dozen paintings that resist specific interpretations while also demonstrating Dobbins’s extraordinary technical ability as a non-figurative painter. Outside of reading the artist’s statement, it’s difficult to discern any underlying narratives or themes beyond these works’ gorgeous formal elements. Read More.

Hamlett Dobbins and Douglas Degges on Artistic Collaboration
June 19, 2015
By Erica Ciccarone

“Old Man Study Group,” at Southfork gallery in Memphis through July 4, features collaborative paintings by Hamlett Dobbins and Douglas Degges. Southfork is located in the home of Lauren Kennedy. It’s one of a handful of home galleries in Memphis, built on hospitality and the belief that art should not live exclusively in sacred spaces that require literal or figurative membership. Read More.