Eric Mack statement

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This body of work explores the art form known as “Architecture”, and the elements that contribute to it existence.  Form, space, dot, line, shape, texture, color, and organic shapes are the most important elements in the creation of architectural design. New ideas of composition, design, and aesthetic were quickly reshaped during my recent years residing in Europe.  Actually, my ideas and perspective of myself, and the world in which I reside were changed drastically.  My view of architecture, the vocabulary, and the history surrounding the subject was just one of the aesthetic aspects that I have taken away and will share at this time.

Geometric shapes, tiling patterns, intentional and accidental use of mathematic proportions to shape and create the vocabulary of these works.  During my life and travels abroad I was able to experience design inspirations from Germany, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, France, Brussels, Netherlands, and the Corsican Island.  Throughout the many influences experienced, one of the closest to my personal taste was acquired from the viewing of various Deconstructivist examples.  Non-Euclidean geometry and topology combine to help create these objectives. Super imposed grids, non-parallel surfaces, and complex two-dimensional surfaces are created with precise cutting tools and layering technique than in previous bodies of work.  Aesthetics, philosophy, futuristic concepts, and multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry can be experienced in these works.  Also, the emotions that were revealed to me about myself as an individual can be extracted from these pieces.  Architectural ideas unknowingly aided in visualizing my struggle between where I had been, where I was at the current time, and the country in which I was to return. Clearly, recognizing the differences of my previous life influences, and the new global views could be found in the buildings that I lived amongst.  Looking at the world around through new lenses have been instrumental in my personal, mental, and creative development.