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Elizabeth Lide | The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
October, 2017
Sculpture Magazine
By Donna Mintz

With a focus on organizing space, Atlanta-based Elizabeth Lide explores how we shape—and are shaped by—our personal past. Her recent, multi-part installation of sculpture, drawing, and stitchery, Putting the House in Order, which marked the culmination of a 2015/16 Working Artist Project Fellowship awarded by the museum, investigated the literal and metaphorical influence of memory, family history, and accumulated domestic objects, all of which Lide believes can be both burden and assurance. Read More.

Art review: Female artists examine notion of home in Athens show
May 23, 2017
By Felicia Feaster

Home, as it is understood by female artists, is the crux of Atlanta curator Candice Greathouse’s exhibition “Domestic Structures” at the cool Athens alternative art space ATHICA, housed in a warehouse facing railroad tracks on the industrial fringe of town where artist spaces, dance studios and creative companies share close quarters. Read More.

Lide’s “Putting the House in Order” is a ritual of remembrance
Jan 30, 2017
By Rebecca Brantley

Ancient Greeks during the time of Homer poured liquids into large, decorated funerary vessels placed over graves — perhaps not to sustain the dead but as an act of remembrance. Tall, near-anthropomorphic kraters with holes at the bottom allowed libations to seep directly into the ground. Read More.

A Stitch in Time: Elizabeth Lide at MOCA GA
January 12, 2017
By Jac Kuntz

The line between old and new is faint in Elizabeth Lide’s show—old and weathered family keepsakes are enshrined next to drawings, textiles, and objects made from scrap material, culled from years of organic accumulation in the artist’s home and studio. In her artist statement, Lide roots her idea for the show, “Putting the House in Order,” in her experience sifting through her belongings, deciding what to keep and what to discard. The culmination of her Working Artist Project Fellowship, the exhibition sets into motion a reflection on the people and objects that have contributed to her personhood, her art, and how we as humans share our stories. Read More.

Review: “Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines” welcomes ATL artists into High’s permanent collection
Aug 6, 2015
by Catherine Fox

Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines is an apt name for the exhibition that has taken over the third floor of the High Museum’s Anne Cox Chambers Wing.

The show represents the expansion of an acquisition program to purchase work by local artists, made possible by the Lambert Fund, a bequest from the late Judith Alexander. The High’s 2013 exhibit, Drawing Inside the Perimeter, presented 44 of the initial 52 purchases, selected by curator Michael Rooks and Marianne Lambert, for whom the bequest was named. Read More.

Review: Elizabeth Lide, Elizabeth Sheppell, Marshall Davis — a study in contrasts
Feb 2, 2012
By Christina Cotter

Though linked by technical skill and attention to detail, the work of Elizabeth Lide and Elizabeth Sheppell, on view at Sandler Hudson Gallery through February 25, is a study in contrasts.

Lide, who takes advantage of her skills as a graphic designer and natural draftsman, exhibits a mastery of line, color and tonality in her mixed-media series “Recordings.” Using Kozo and Gampi paper (both made in Japan using bark fibers) as her ground, she sparingly employs graphite, India ink, watercolors and oil sticks as pigmentation. Read More.