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The Afterlives of Animals: Constance Thalken at Whitespace
June 9, 2015
By Dan Weiskopf

Animals are the playthings of human needs and fantasies. We use them as canvases for our own traits, and paint their characteristics onto ourselves. As Constance Thalken reminds us, this is true not only in life but also in death. The Atlanta artist’s meticulously staged photographs present glimpses of the taxidermic processes by which dead animals are transformed into objects of decoration, study, affection, and veneration. Read More.

Review: Constance Thalken’s “Eyes Open Slowly” profound meditation on mortality, at whitespace
May 28, 2015
By Faith McClure

Some artists reinvent themselves with each new body of work. Others hunker down for the long haul, burrowing into themes and metaphors that become increasingly seasoned and complex with each iteration. Read More.

Review: Photographer and cancer survivor Constance Thalken gives new meaning to “personal”
February 4, 2013
By Jason Francisco

Talk about art is full of mushy tributes that have a way of ending conversation. There are the savorless compliments “interesting” and “unique,” and the mawkish endorsements “genuine” and “authentic.” And there is “personal.” What does it mean to say that art is “personal,” anyway? Is there a more cloying expression of praise? Read More.

The Power of 1.2 cm= at Whitespace Gallery
January 23, 2013
By Lilly Lampe

1.2 cm= at Whitespace Gallery chronicles artist Constance Thalken’s recent triumphant battle with breast cancer through statistical information, documentation of artifacts, and self-portrait photography. This deeply personal exhibition explores the rifts this disease can forge between a person, her body, and self-identity, thereby bearing witness to the powerful external and internal transformations that result. Read More.

Year in Review: Notable exhibitions, works of art and experiences of 2013
Janurary 1, 2013
By ArtsAtl Staff

“1.2 cm=” at Whitespace Gallery. Whitespace Gallery consistently features some of Atlanta’s highest-quality exhibitions. Read More.

Constance Thalken: Purge at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
November 12, 2008
By Jeremy Abernathy

Last month I visited the airport to see Constance Thalken’s “Purge” photographs. I was interested in seeing art 1) outside of the usual gallery context and 2) outside of my “comfort zone” in downtown or along DeKalb avenue. Plus I was curious: who and what are all these shows “on the fringes” of Atlanta Celebrates Photography? Read More.