Benjamin Jones statement

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Jones recently returned to making art with renewed conviction after a hiatus of several years while caring for his mother and recovering from his own health issues. His current collaged drawings exude edginess and poignancy while conveying a sense of peacefulness and calm inspired by his new home on Tybee Island, Georgia. Tybee comes from the ancient Euchee word for “salt”.  Jones’ haunting images reveal his distinct visual language and inhabit an intriguing, indefinable space. Each poignant portrait reveals the artist’s innermost feelings and insecurities, while touching a familiar place in all of us.

Mixing whimsy with horror, humor with malevolence, Jones’ figures send messages about the struggle of life and all its paradoxes. These seductive and intimate drawings, paradoxical in themselves, create a tension between the purity of their intuition and the refinement of their presentation. As a keen observer of current events, Jones keeps intricate journals, day and night, collecting images clipped from newspapers, or gathered from his travels that become source material for his drawings.