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Review: Ann Stewart forges exciting new path – sculpture by way of CAD software
July 29, 2015
By Jerry Cullum

Ann Stewart’s Causa Sui, at Whitespace through August 1, extends her exploration of geometric spaces in etchings and graphite drawings into sculpture. All of her mediums are brilliantly represented in the show, but the central works are Stewart’s sculptural multiples produced through 3-D printing. Read More.

Repetition and Metamorphosis: Ann Stewart at Whitespace
July 23, 2015
By Rebecca Brantley

On view at Whitespace Gallery through August 1, Ann Stewart’s “Causa Sui” deals in complex abstraction and hefty concepts without sacrificing accessibility and visual appeal. Borrowed from philosophical discourse, Stewart’s title translates from Latin to “cause of itself.” It’s a concept embedded in each individual work as well as in the exhibition as a whole. Read More.

Review: Ann Stewart and Steven Millar Offer Quiet Surprises in Bushwick
July 29, 2014
By Lilly Wei

Atlanta-based Ann Stewart and New Yorker Steven Millar are nicely paired in an exhibition at Robert Henry Contemporary in Bushwick [through August 10] that is, at times, in Stewart’s case as dizzying as its title, “Inside Outside Upside Down,” suggests. Both artists focus on the geometric and architectonic but with different means and toward different ends.  Both also challenge the viewer’s perceptual attentiveness, offering quiet surprises. Read more.

Review: Hurry to catch fine show of Atlanta Printmakers Studio’s three resident emerging artists
July 16, 2013
By Jerry Cullum

For just another week, Portal Gallery, literally the entry space to the Atlanta Printmakers Studio, will play host to the work of Patrick Di Rito, Jason Kofke and Ann Stewart, the recipients of the 2013 Atlanta Printmakers Studio Emerging Artist Residency. Read More.

Review: Artists in Whitespace’s “Fictional Geographies” explore imaginary spaces and places
September 5, 2013
By Stephanie Cash

Italo Calvino explores the imagined possibilities of cities and the mind in his novel Invisible Cities. A similar idea pervades “Fictional Geographies,” at Whitespace gallery through September 7, an exhibition featuring Heidi Whitman, Ann Stewart, Joseph Burwell and Robert Walden, who is also the curator. Read More.

Gallery notes: Atlanta artists at Callanwolde, Whitespec, Barbara Archer, Eyedrum Elsewhere
March 22, 2012
By Jerry Cullum

Ann Stewart’s explorations of the logic and illogic of spatial representation are at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center through May 25. Read More.

Review: Ann Stewart, Seana Reilly
plumb the limits of knowledge at Whitespace

August 15, 2011
By Catherine Fox

Stewart takes her place with a long line of artists from M.C. Escher to Cheryl Goldsleger, who play upon the presupposed rationality of architectural language in constructing illogical worlds. What looks like order is actually chaos, or randomness. The complex, interlocking forms in her drawings appear at first to be axonometric depictions of real-world structures — highways, maybe, buildings, machines, city plans — but they neither make sense spatially nor resolve into an understandable whole. In fact, the structures seem alternately to be in the midst of continual replication and poised to explode. Read More.