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Cullum’s March Notebook: Art And Nature Collude In Exhibitions All Over Atlanta

March 8,2019
By Jerry Cullum

The Whitespace show presents alternative ways of understanding female bodies and female heroism and deserves as much analysis and publicity as possible. The stunning beauty of Phipps’ color photographs in Lessons in Survival, Turk’s photograms and Parker’s God Has Given You Minds, photos of her portrait sculptures of contemporary female political figures clad in the text of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s influential suffragist speech, warrant extended commentary.(excerpt)

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Suellen Parker's Nancy Pelosi, a 24-inch by 20-inch pigment ink print in Against the Tide at Whitespace (Courtesy of Whitespace and the artist)

Female artists tackle female form in inspiring exhibition

February 25, 2019
By Felicia Feaster

For centuries, paintings from Titian’s “Venus of Urbino” to Manet’s “Olympia” has pretended to capture women in casual states of undress, seemingly unaware of anyone’s presence as they display their bodies for our delectation. In art, in media, seemingly everywhere, the female body has been a plaything, a novelty, an entertainment, or someone’s political agenda. But photographer Sandra Lee Phipps’ images are thrilling for how they upend the usual ways women tend to be seen in pop culture and in high art.

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Image of Alcyone by V. Elizabeth Turk

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